Welcome to Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory at Jozef Stefan Institute


Our Scanning Probe Laboratory group is located at the Jozef Stefan Institute, department for Condensed Matter Physics in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are investigating fascinating world of atoms and molecules using low-temperature scanning probe microscopes and other surface science equipment.

We are also working on a first cold atoms experiment in Slovenia.




Atomic smiley
Cu atoms on Cu (111) surface, size approx. 10x10 nm2
Antimony surface
atomic resolution image of Sb (111) surface
STM tip
SEM image of electrochemically etched W tip
Tip crashing
crater in the Cu surface after intentional tip-sample contact
BETS molecules
organic BETS molecules packed on a Ag(111) surface
Ultrathin CuN isolating layer
CuN superstructure on Cu(111) showing two different orientations
Kagome lattice
Kagome lattice of organic BETS molecules on Ag(111) surface
Standing waves
surface state electrons scattered at defects on Cu(111) surface
Cu(111) surface
8x8 nm2, showing atomic resolution
Pb monolayer on Cu (111)
showing a Moire pattern
Subsurface defect on Sb (111)
atomic resolution on 12x12 nm2
Adatom on metal surface
Co on Cu(111) with standing electron waves
STS spectra
superconductive-like energy gap of BETS GaCl4 layer